Sabbath September Disc Prototype

September DiscAs the lucky buyer of the final prototype, pre-production disc braked version of the Sabbath September light touring bike, I believe this will very likely be the first review so I will keep it fairly succinct. I’m sure the use of too many superlatives would be tedious anyway.

The logics of producing a titanium disc brake equipped touring/winter bike are in my opinion “no-brainers”. Keeping the mechanics of braking away from the rims is already proven in the mountain bike world to do several very useful things. Firstly, it makes for powerful and modular braking and at this point it is worth noting that this bike has an oversized lower headset bearing which provides a rock solid front end under the pressures of that increased braking power. Secondly, it prevents the water and dirt from having that erosive effect on your precious rims meaning that you can fit nicer wheels knowing that they will last a lot longer. And finally, free from the restrictions imposed by rim brake calipers, it has the added bonus of making for a frame with massive mudguard clearance. This means that can not only run larger diameter tyres (well above 28mm in my estimation) but also it makes it very easy to achieve a rattle free fit which is often an annoyance on other frames.

That covered, it is sufficient in my opinion to sat that this September Disc has all the usual great qualities associated with a well made titanium frame – it is torsionally stiff and has just the right amount of vertical compliance to make for a lovely ride. Many reviews of the rim braked September already exist and they remain relevant when applied to this. I would recommend this bike to anyone and believe it will be a great success.

Specifications of my build:

Sabbath September Disc Frame
Kinesis carbon fork
Shimano 105 Drivetrain
Handbuilt Mavic Open Pro rims on Hope hubs
TRP Spyre cable operated disc brakes
Pro PLT bars and stem
4ZA carbon seatpost
Fizik Arione saddle
Tortec Reflector mudguards
Keo pedals