Sabbath Mondays Child Review

Metal bikes are the future. Today was the first time I got to ride my shiny Sabbath Mondays Child for a few weeks after recovering from surgery on a badly broken collar bone five weeks ago. 86 hilly Northumbrian miles later-perhaps abit far for my first decent ride in over a month-and my passion for cycling is fully restored. The broken surface that passes for tarmac in this part of the world just seems to glide under the wheels even on an aggressive race geometry bike like the Mondays Child. The right wheels help of course but having tried this bike with some 60mm deep aero wheels I can confirm that the frame really does make the constant vibrations felt on less forgiving bikes melt away. The light build with 2013 Sram Red and some sublime handbuilt wheels result in an on the road weight just over 6kg, not bad for a metal bike with metal wheels. The lights were flickering towards the end of the ride so the low weight was very welcome nearing home! The responsiveness is right up there with the best carbon has to offer and I have ridden a lot of them. The sublime comfort is hard to beat and the unique look of titanium still turns heads. Everyone has a carbon bike it seems these days so if you don’t want the same bike as every one else have a test ride on one of these.

My cycling history is a long and sometimes painful one. I’m a British Cycling Level 2 Coach and bike fitter. I have been racing for about 30 years and hold a 1st Cat racing licence. I am the current NE Masters Crit champion and a former British and European track champion at Elite and national level. I have also twice completed all 250km of the Tour of Flanders parcours on my other Sabbath – a September. Ill tell you about that another time.

Cycle Art has the Sabbath Mondays Child in stock.

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