Lezyne Micro Drive LED lights

Lezyne Micro Drive FrontLezyne is a relatively new name to cycling, having been founded in 2007. In just 6 years, founder Micki Kozuschek (formerly of Truvativ) has taken the German company from strength to strength, making it one of the industry’s premium bicycle component and tool manufacturers. One of Lezyne’s key product ranges is their LED lights.

Sitting right in the middle of Lezyne’s LED range is the Micro Drive. Designed to be a light that increases your visibility rather than being a high output light for commuting on unlit country lanes, the Micro Drive is also a good choice as a secondary light to accompany a high output front lamp, or as a backup light.

The Micro Drive pairing would be all the average commuter needs, or could form the basis of a light set for a commuter who rides on unlit roads (the missing parts being a high output front light and a small back up rear light).

At £40 for the 200 lumen front light and £40 for the 70 lumen rear light, £80 might seem quite steep for a pair of lights compared to similarly rated Japanese lights, so what sets these apart from the competition?

The first and most obvious difference is build quality. These aren’t cheap looking plastic lights. These are made from aluminium, which acts as a heat sink for the high powered LEDs. This helps dissipate the heat created by the LEDs and prevents them from overheating. There’s nothing worse than having to stop riding because your LED has overheated.

Mounting System for the Micro DriveThe next difference is the mounting. Rather than using fiddly plastic brackets that need screwing in place, the Lezynes use rubber O-rings that not only ensure the lights go on and off quickly (useful if your winter bike is also your club ride bike and don’t want lights on all the time) but also keeps the lights well in place, especially when it’s wet or the going gets rough.

Finally, and whilst this doesn’t affect the performance of the product it does demonstrate Lezyne’s attention to detail, the packaging is well thought out and looks great – making the overall customer experience more rewarding than the lower priced lights.

USB ChargerCharging the Lezynes is super simple – unscrew the rear (which has a rubber seal to keep the internals dry) and plug the entire light into a USB socket or USB charger. A few hours later the light is charged and ready to go. This means the light can be charged at home overnight or in the office during the day – so there’s no excuse for a flat battery! In terms of monitoring the battery, a quick press of the power button will make it light up in either red, orange or green, giving an indication of how much life is left.

Out and about, the Micro Drives do exactly what they say on the packaging. The front light is rated at 200 lumens, and whilst I have no reason to doubt this, it is suitable really as a light for visibility purposes and putting a reasonable amount of light out in front. Pointed down, it lights up a few feet of the road, and pointed forward it makes you extremely visible. The beam pattern is focused to quite a small area though, so don’t expect the road to be floodlit in front of you. The rear light does a very good job, although the Zecto Drive rear is probably a better all round choice.

The front light has 6 modes – ranging from a 200 lumen “Overdrive” mode where battery life is rated at just an hour, down to a flashing mode where the battery is claimed to last 4 and a half hours. I found that the Micro Drive is most useful for my purposes in “Enduro” mode – which rated at 100 lumens you can realistically expect a couple of hours usage.

Micro Drive RearThe rear light has various modes including a constant beam at 70 lumens which lasts 2 and a half hours, a low 5 lumen setting that will last 16 hours, and 3 different flashing modes.

The Micro Drive is available in black or silver, and is sold either individually or as a pair. All in all these are great lights, and I use the Micro Drive as my helmet/back up light and as a constant beam on the rear. There are cheaper lights available, but when it comes to lights I have discovered that if you buy cheap, you buy twice. A big thumbs up to the Micro Drives, they are an important part of my commuter.