Elite Ciussi Inox Bottle Cage Review

A bottle cage is a bottle cage, right? Wrong.

Bottle cages have become more of a statement than a simple accessory – with models ranging from £5 metal cages to £70 carbon fibre cages, with a plethora of variations of metal and plastic between.

Personally, I am a fire believer of the theory that “form follows function”. I don’t like design for design sake. So when Chris recommended I try the Elite Ciussi Inox bottle cages instead of the plastic Elite cages I’ve run for years, I was a bit skeptical.

Elite Ciussi InoxFirstly, they look like they should be on a 1980s Colnago. The gold and red detail didn’t match anything on my bike, and to be honest, I thought they looked old fashioned, certainly next to the Arundel carbon fibre cages I was planning on using. With Chris being a huge fan of titanium bikes, I can see why he chooses the Inox cages, but on a carbon fibre bicycle?

As it happened, when I fitted them, they looked pretty good – if a little quirky. Possibly a carbon cage would look better, but I was more interested in how they work. I’ve always found metal cages a bit hit and miss – constantly having to bend them to ensure the bottle didn’t bounce out. Conversely, I find most plastic cages either too tight or too loose, which can cause problems out on the road.

Once I had got past the looks, which are let’s face it, love or hate, and started using the bottle cage, I could see why Chris raves about them. Manufactured from stainless steel with rubber anti-slip side “buttons”, bottles go in and out of the cage nice and easily, but don’t bounce out on bumpy roads. Like all other metal bottle cages it can be gently bent so that it holds the bottle how the rider prefers, but I found straight out the packaging the Inox performed as required.

At £23 each, they aren’t the cheapest in the world, but compared to £70 for a carbon fibre cage that might smash in a crash, the Inox represents pretty good value.

Buy if: You have a steel or titanium bike and want a quirky, traditional and functional cage.

Cycle Art has the Elite Ciussi bottle cages in stock. www.cycle-art.co.uk