Elite Arion Digital Rollers

By customer

Arion rollersOkay, so it’s that time of year again when you don’t want to lose the fitness gained over what’s been a decent summer and commuting in the dark just isn’t an option. Here enters the Elite Arion Digital Rollers. These are quite possibly the best rollers money can buy with variable resistance all controlled from a ‘Garmin’ sized head unit that’s easily mounted to the bars or stem.

Having had the cheaper Elite Arion Mag rollers for a few years that have provided outstanding reliability along with the ability to vary the resistance over three different settings, meant considering anything else other than Elite just wasn’t an option. The only drawback of the Mag rollers was to change the resistance meant dis-mounting and moving the lever that varies the resistance. For me, any opportunity to dis-mount would distract me enough from the session to retire to the warmth of the house and a cup of tea, so invariably the roller session would be carried out on the minimum or maximum setting without the required warm-up/cool down that is a critical element of every session.

The Elite Arion Digital are built on the same bullet proof and silent running chassis as the Mag, but as already mentioned the resistance being easily controlled whilst riding and without the need to dis-mount.

Elite Arion headunitThe head unit gives a dashboard or accurate information; enough to distract you from the rigours of the hardest session and really lets you tailor your sessions accurately. The unit also pairs easily with any Ant+ heart rate monitor chest strap, the most common of which is that provided by Garmin with their popular Edge series.

Elite has pre loaded 10 programmes into the Digital head unit to cover almost every session required from recovery to the most brutal intervals. In addition rider controlled sessions focussing on power, heart rate or time can easily be entered giving total control to the athlete.

These rollers really do give such variety and control that indoor training will never be monotonous or soul destroying again.

Finally, this review would not be complete without an acknowledgement of the continued outstanding service from Cycle Art.

Whilst Cycle Art always provide a competitive price, this alone would be overlooked without good service during both the purchase and after the sale should anything go wrong. I’ve had one experience of a product failing prematurely and Cycle Art dealt with this without any quibble. The Digital Rollers were ordered on the Thursday at 1pm and were ready for collection on the Friday morning. Not even some of the better mail order providers could compete with this service. So, remember to support your local bike shop as they can easily match both the price and easily exceed the service provided by the mail order providers. Thanks Cycle Art!