Bike fitting-is it worth it?

GIANT_POWERFIT Bike fitting seems to be the latest buzz word in the trade and cycling media right now and its about time too. Here at Cycle Art/Giant Newcastle we have been strong advocates of bike fitting for many years with in excess of 1500 fits carried out in that time. Our knowledge of bike fitting is constantly evolving and something we look to keep up to date with continued learning, training and research. We have also recently employed local bike fitter and physical therapist Nev Martin who comes with an excellent reputation for his bike fitting skills.
So what is a bike fit? What we strive to do is make the bike for you rather than you fit the bike. We will look at past injury history, what you are using the bike for, how experienced a rider you are, posture, occupation and most importantly of all look at you on your bike. We can also use the technology offered by Wattbike to look at your pedal stroke and see if there are any tips we can offer to help you become more efficient. If you would like to see what is involved come along to the shop and we can show you what we do.
This is supposed to be a review site however rather than a description of our products and services and it wouldnt be right for us to review our own service. What follows is an email from two of our customers who were fitted on bikes that they bought from us earlier this year.

“Hi all at Giant and Cycle Art,
Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for the great service you have given us since we decided to buy our bike with you.
The choosing of the bike and then the bike fit which was pretty much perfect.
And then the advice on my own bike, which has turned out to be the best thing I ever did with regards Cycling and it is only the advice Chris gave re obtaining the best frame to suit me for my use.
The results for me were instantaneous as I was at home on the bike in the position Chris set it up at. I have had issues with saddles and when I returned the bike yesterday for a last quick service, which was done as quickly as promised, Nev re adjusted the bike, after my fiddling about, back to where Chris had it in the first place with a new saddle and post.
He made a few minor corrections to my wifes position, which truth be told she found funny at the time as she was used to extending her leg more, but I am sure once she settles to it she will benefit.
Next week the bikes will be packed up and shipped out to our new life in the South Island of New Zealand, we are going to miss the lanes of Northumberland and the cycling community that is out there in numbers and mostly friendly. Oh and I will miss the bacon butties.
After a shaky start she is now a really good cyclist and on Strava easily in the top 10/20 of Women and she is a demon on hills, who leaves me for dead ( must loose weight