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Cycle Art becomes a Stages dealer

Stages power metersPower. Love it or hate it, it has revolutionized the way cyclists can train and race. Whilst some still prefer to train by feel (not that there is anything wrong with that), others like the ability to train with science and numbers, using the same tools and methods as the pros do.

Until very recently, training with power has been an expensive proposition. American company Stages has changed all that with their simple yet effective power meter design. By using just the non-drive side crank, Stages have created a light, easy to fit, easy to use power meter that doesn’t cost the earth.

Stages take genuine Shimano and SRAM crank arms and retrofit strain gauges (the technology used to measure power in the majority of power meters), an accelerometer (to measure cadence), an ANT+ chip (a wireless protocol owned by Garmin) and CR2032 battery unit all in a small unit on the inside of the crank arm. All this technology adds 20g to the weight of the crank arm (about the weight of a chocolate bar).

The Stages power meters are compatible with a wide range of ANT+ devices such as Garmin Edge bike computers (other bike computers are available) and uses Bluetooth to communicate with an iPhone to run firmware updates.

Cycle Art is pleased to confirm we are now a Stages dealer. In addition to stocking a selection of Stages cranks, we also have a 105 demonstrator crank that can be hired for B#40 for 2 weeks. We would then deduct B#40 off the price of a power meter should you choose to buy one from us. Stages power meters start at B#599 for the 105 and SRAM Rival GXP versions.

When buying a power meter, if you have a Garmin Edge computer, one of our members of staff will happily set up your Stages power meter and show you how to use it, calibrate it, and make the most of it.

Turbo Trainer Sale

Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roll

We all do it. Hours upon hours of staring at the garage door or out the window of the spare room. Countless miles of cycling yet never getting anywhere. Some of us have headphones. Some, a TV on the wall. Others occupy their mind by staring at the numbers being spat back at them by their computer. Regardless of how, why or where, it’s an unnecessary evil – but one that can make the difference between a good season and bad.

As the weather goes from bad to worse, and with warnings of the heaviest snow in decades, more of us will be taking to the turbo rather than risking the elements.

Never fear – Cycle Art has a great range of turbo trainers to make your indoor training that little more bearable. Not only that, we’ll be doing 15% off RRP until Christmas.

Our range of turbo trainers includes:

Tacx ivortex
Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll RRP B#465.00 Sale B#395.00
Tacx IVortex – RRP B#575.00 Sale B#489.00
Tacx IFlow – RRP B#450.00 Sale B#382.00
Tacx Flow – RRP B#379.00 Sale B#322.00
Tacx Booster – RRP B#260 Sale B#221.00
Tacx BlueMotion – RRP B#200.00 Sale B#170.00
Minoura Live Ride 340 – RRP B#200.00 Sale B#170.00
Tacx Bluematic – RRP B#160.00 Sale B#136.00
Minoura B60 – RRP B#129.00 Sale B#110.00

So, whilst you might have to suffer on your turbo trainer, your wallet doesn’t need to suffer quite as much.

Turbo Trainers

Tacx FlowTo some, the turbo trainer represents the most evil of all contraptions, a daily reminder of how winter prevents some of us from training outside. To others, it is a important weapon in their training arsenal, key to allowing specific targeted training sessions without having to worry about road conditions, traffic and weather. The turbo is ideal for working on pedaling technique, using as a warm up tool, and for training during the winter avoiding dangerous, slippy roads or riding at dusk or in dark conditions.

We don’t recommend you spend all winter couped up in the garage on the turbo trainer – far from it. Riding outside is good for the soul and improves road handling. However, we are also aware that the turbo trainer has it’s uses and is a necessary evil.

At Cycle Art, we stock Tacx turbo trainers and rollers. Tacx offer a range of trainers and rollers to suit all budgets, and is one of the industry innovators that allows riders to train with power for very little money.

Flow ComputerTacx Flow
There is no doubt that training with power is the most accurate way of improving your ability on the bike. It allows a targeted, specific and consistent method of measuring your ability and progression. However, power meters are expensive, complicated and require lots of attention and calibration. The Flow, marketed as what Tacx call an “ergotrainer”, is a fantastic way of getting into training with power, providing a reasonably accurate baseline and the ability to train within set parameters with little fuss and no real technical know how. The Flow uses an electro brake system with 6 magnets that provides a maximum resistance of 800 watts. For training purposes, you can set the Flow to a set power output and depending on your effort the Flow adjusts the resistance accordingly. A handlebar mounted computer displays various readings including speed, power, heart rate, distance and cadence and allows you to adjust the resistance. The Tacx Flow retails at B#380 and is in stock now at Cycle Art. We also have one out on the shop floor for customers to try out.

Tacx Booster being used to warm up onTacx Booster
The Booster is something you will have already seen, but not realised. It is the turbo trainer of choice for many Pro Tour teams and can usually be seen being used by riders as they warm up and warm down for races. It is also the official warming-up trainer of the Olympic Games and the UCI World Championships. At B#260.00, the Booster is the ideal turbo trainer for a long winter of preparation for racing and features sturdy frame construction and a handlebar mounted resistance selector with 10 settings. The magnet on the Booster is so strong so it offers more resistance (1050 watts) than most trainers at this price point.

Tacx Blue Motion
The “Blue” range is Tacx’s entry level trainers, with the Blue Motion being the top of that range. The Blue Motion has many of the features of more expensive trainers including a handlebar mounted resistance selector, sturdy construction and a powerful Neodymium magnet brake system capable of 950 watts resistance but for a very affordable B#200.

Whilst we recommend you get out on your bike as much as you can over the winter, when the need arises for a new turbo trainer, we can advise you on which turbo is most suitable for your needs.