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Mavic 125th Anniversary

MavicFrench wheel and clothing company Mavic are celebrating their 125th anniversary by launching a range of limited edition “125 Ans” products – and Cycle Art has them in store now!

From it’s humble beginnings in 1889, Mavic has become the world leader in factory built bicycle wheels and a market leader in cycling clothing, shoes and helmets. It’s yellow logo is synonymous with the Tour de France through the famous neutral support vehicle. Mavic was born from the merger of two small companies with the same President – one manufacturing spare parts for bicycles and the other a nickel plating company.

The French company has always been at forefront of technology, and as early as 1934 Mavic began testing a metal rim when the competition were using wood. The subsequent “secret wheel” was used to win the 1934 Tour de France under Antonin Magne.

Mavic Neutral SupportIn 1973, the now famous Mavic neutral service car first made an appearance. As yellow as the Malliot Jaune itself, it has become a permanent installation within the Tour de France and Paris Roubaix caravan.

125 years on, Mavic offer a comprehensive range of wheels, tyres, helmets, shoes and clothes, and in terms of factory built wheels we believe they are some of the best on the market.

To celebrate their 125 years, Mavic have released a special edition range of wheels, tyres and clothing.

Ksyrium 125 wheelsKsyrium 125
The Ksyrium 125 wheels, which are a development of the previous Ksyrium SLR wheels, pack in all of Mavic’s know-how into one of the finest lightweight clinchers money can buy.

Previous Ksyriums have used what Mavic call ISM (inter spoke milling), where excess material is machined away leaving the rim strong where it needs to be but lightweight. The 125 takes this process a step further using “ISM 4D”, with each rim measured before milling to ensure the precise amount of material is removed. It also features a more rounded profile than before, saving more weight but also provide a more aerodynamic rim shape.

As with other Ksyriums, Mavic use a process called FORE, where instead of drilling through the rim bed to house the spoke, the inner surface of the rim is pressed into the rim cavity, meaning the spoke does not go all the way through the rim. According to Mavic, this both increases the strength of the rim and makes the wheel more rigid.

The rims are also treated to the Exalith 2 coating process, which not only looks good but increases the life of the rim and improves braking.

As a finishing touch, the 125 Ans Ksyriums have Mavic yellow hub flanges and a single yellow spoke in each wheel, making a truly unique wheelset. The wheelset weight is a very low 1370 without tyres (1920 with tyres).

Only 6000 pairs will be made, and only a fraction of those will come to the UK. We have some in the shop.

125 Ans HC Clothing125 Ans HC Clothing
Mavic’s HC clothing range has proven to be extremely popular, and as part of their 125 anniversary the company has released a special yellow version of the HC jersey and bib shorts with “125 Ans” labels on the arms and legs. The clothing is in very limited supply, and Mavic has sold out already – but we have a full size run of both the jerseys and bib shorts in stock.

Mavic Frost winter shoes in stock!

Even with a full complement of winter clothing, our extremities are still susceptible to the cold. Regardless of whether we have a warm body and legs, if our face, hands and feet are feeling the chill, cycling is miserable – and in particular, feet. The body naturally channels heat and blood flow to the important parts of the body, so it is up to ourselves to ensure our feet are well looked after.

Mavic Frost

Fortunately, those clever chaps at Mavic have come up with the Mavic Frost – their take on the winter cycling shoe. The Frost features fully waterproof construction, featuring a GORE-TEX membrane that acts as a breathable, waterproof barrier around the foot. This is important as cold moisture within the shoe can be a main cause of cold toes and feet whilst cycling. The Frost also has a neoprene ankle gusset that helps keep out the water and maintain warmth without restricting flexibility and movement.

In addition to these winter features, the Frost features several of the features found in Mavic’s high end shoes such as their Ergo Fit 2D insole, Energy Composite Outsole that creates a light and thin outsole without losing power transfer, and three reliable hook and loop straps.

The downside is that Mavic Frost boots aren’t easy to get hold of in smaller sizes, and women are especially prone to cold feet. Fortunately, Cycle Art has a good range of sizes in the Mavic Frost in store.

All year round rider Chris is currently using a pair – so expect a full review on our review website shortly.

Autumn Riding – the crossover between Summer and Winter

Autumn LeavesWe all know winter is on the way. You donbt need a fancy iPhone app to see that the nights are drawing in, the temperatures are dropping, and the weather is changing. However, it isnbt actually winter yet b so what do you do differently in Autumn to Winter?

This time of year the temperatures are still reasonably mild, especially in the middle of the day. We donbt need Winter clothes just yet. Winter clothes tend to be heavily insulated, extremely thick, and actually far too warm for this time of year. In particular, winter gloves are bulky and heavily insulated.

Dress Accordingly
We call this btemperature managementb. Just because winter is coming, doesnbt mean you need to leave the house dressed like a cycling yeti every day. Similarly, just because yesterday was mild, it doesnbt mean today will be too. Top tips:

b” Dress to be slightly chilly as you leave and youbll be warm after 10-15 minutes
b” Check the weather forecast the night before
b” Get your kit ready the night before
b” Check the weather forecast again in the morning
b” Use an external thermometer and check it before setting off
b” Have a wide range of cycling clothing for all eventualities
b” Look after your Autumn kit and you can use it in Spring
b” If you are riding to work and there is no where to dry your cycling gear, consider a second set for riding home in

The ideal set up for this time of year would be:

b” Long sleeve base layer
b” Long sleeve windproof layer
b” A gilet
b” Tights
b” Underhelmet Cap
b” Socks & Overshoes
b” Long finger gloves

Base Layer
Base Layers
This time of year, layers are key. As the temperature is changeable, you remove or add layers depending on the weather. A good base layer is a fantastic place to start as this keeps you warm but also wicks away the sweat. It will also act as the foundation to rest of your kit.

Long Sleeves & Tights
Unless youbve booked a training camp to Mallorca, itbs definitely time to put the short sleeve jerseys and bib shorts away until next year. Keeping your arms and legs warm is key to avoiding injury. Cold legs will result in pulled muscles and unpleasant riding. According to Doctor Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Centre of Sports Medicine b bbelow 18 degrees cover your kneesb. See what he did there?

Leg, Arm and Knee Warmers
As winter tights might be too warm and shorts too cold, a good set of leg warmers or knee warmers is probably a good idea. You may also be riding with a jersey and a gilet, in which case arm warmers would be a good idea too.

Socks and overshoes
Socks alone will not keep your feet completely warm, especially if you are prone to poor circulation or cold extremities in the first place. Something like a Mavic Thermo sock is a good starting place, with a good knitted overshoe such as the Castelli Belgium Booties.

Long finger. No question. Riding without gloves does not make you hard. Nor do is make you bEurob. Nor is it clever. As the bodybs temperate drops, it reduces circulation to your extremities in order to keep blood flowing to your major organs. If you fall off (which is more likely on slippery roads) your hand will have nothing to protect it. Webd recommend a good Autumn/Spring glove such as the Mavic Spring Race glove or the Castelli Lightness glove.

Pronounced bjeelayb (French for bvestb), this is one of the most useful pieces of clothing in the cyclistbs kit bag. On milder days, the gilet is perfect for the start of the ride until it warms up, and then it can be removed and put in the jersey pocket. It is also good for putting on when descending after a long climb. Mavic and Castelli both offer a good range of gilets but the pick of the bunch has to be the Castelli Gabba. If itbs good enough for Dan Martin and David Millarb&

Underhelmet Cap
Keeping your head warm is important b cold ears and head can leave you in pain all day, and the peak will keep the rain, low sun and sweat out of your eyes. It is also easily removed if you get too warm. Speaking of the low sun b be careful as it hampers drivers visibility.

Lightweight Jacket
At this time of year, jackets donbt need to be warm enough to go snowboarding in. They do have to be windproof, and preferably waterproof. It is also a good idea to carry a waterproof shell that can be packed away into a jersey pocket.

Be safe b be seen
If you are commuting, this time of year still requires a high vis jacket in a bright colour such as yellow or orange. By Winter, it will probably be dark for your commute and a night vision jacket will be more appropriate. These tend to have more reflective panels on that a standard high vis, and light up in driverbs headlights.

Lezyne Zecto Drive
It might not be dark yet, but it can get overcast, misty and dull, and if you have a puncture or mechanical, which delays your ride, it may start to get dark. Ensure your bike has at least some lights on just in case. We have the full range of Lezyne LED lights in stock, of which the Zecto Drive rear light is proving most popular.

Tyre Pressures
Drop them b more rubber on the road means more grip. Watch out for slippery leaves. Look where you WANT to go rather than where you DONbT want to go.

As you can see, far from being an extension of Winter, Autumn has itbs own very important set of riding conditions and considerations. If you have any questions, or need to kit yourself out for Autumn (and indeed Winter), please pop up and see us at Cycle Art. Webll be only too happy to help.

Monthly Newsletter – September

Cycle Art will soon be introducing a monthly newsletter that you will be able to sign up for. You will be able to receive all the latest exciting shop news, offers and industry tidbits to your mailbox. In the meantime (whilst we’re waiting on the techy people to do their thing), we’re posting the September issue here on the website. Enjoy!

Cervelo R3 Dark2014 Cervelos
Cervelo has always made some of the most desirable road bikes available, and for a short time only they have made them cheaper too. To make way for exciting new R3 and R5 models, Cervelo have introduced a limited “Dark Edition” version of their R3. “What’s so great about that?” we hear you ask. It’s not an R3. It’s an R5 disguised as an R3. Whilst the 105 equipped bike is already out of stock, you can still get hold of a SRAM Force 22 equipped Cervelo R3 (an R5 frame with an R3 sticker on) for B#2999. Bearing in mind last year’s R5 frame was B#3499, the R3 Dark is B#500 less as a full bike! Be warned though – they are selling fast and are only available in limited sizes so if you are interested, get in touch as soon as you can.

We also have a limited supply of 105 equipped Cervelo R3 bikes using last year’s R3 frameset – these are available for B#1999.

Yellow Ticket SaleYellow Ticket Sale
It’s that time of year where all the shiny new bikes are coming through, so we have a glut of 2013 bicycles to sell. Why not get yourself a bargain whilst you can! We have a range of bikes including a high end Colnago C59 Italia with a Campagnolo Record groupset and a Giant TCR Advanced SL2 with full SRAM Red. We have a range of Ridley bikes including 2 lightweight Helium road bikes both with Ultegra groupsets. We also have a few pairs of 2012 Fi’zi:k shoes on sale including some R1 Uomo down from B#299 to B#255. For more information on our yellow ticket sale and the bikes available for sale, please visit our Yellow Ticket Sale page.

Vuelta CookiesLa Vuelta a Espana 2013
With the Giro d’Italia and Le Tour de France out of the way, only 1 grand tour remains unsettled – La Vuelta a Espana. Often seen as the poorer sibling of the Italian and French offerings, with it’s sun scorched mountain climbs and white villages La Vuelta is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. It is also usually the most exciting and demanding. More often than not it is contested mainly by Spanish GC contenders but this year, American Chris Horner and Irishman Nicholas Roche are in the running for a good position as well as the usual suspects such as Purito, Valverde and company. We’d obviously prefer if either Garmin Sharp or Lotto Belisol had a GC contender so advertising our bikes would be easier but such is life!

So, why not pop up to Cycle Art, have a freshly ground Caffe Praego coffee and home baked cake and watch the race live on our widescreen TV? Even better, why not try one of our home made Vuelta cookies which are hand decorated in either the leader’s red jersey, climber’s blue polka dot jersey or sprinter’s green jersey!

Parts Bin
Lots of exciting bits and pieces have come in including:

Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40

  • Mavic Cosmic Carbon 40 full carbon clincher wheels – B#1800 pair
  • Custom carbon fibre chainrings – starting at B#45.00 each
  • Arte Selle titanium saddles, super light and very comfortable – B#80
  • Token anodised parts in various colours including skewers, head caps & adjuster barrels – starting at B#5
  • Clement Strada tyres back in stock at B#30 each
  • ISM saddles – starting at B#85
  • SRAM Red and Force 22 drivetrains

Castelli winter clothingGet ready for winter with Cycle Art
No one wants to hear it, but the sad fact is winter is looming large. If you are planning on commuting by bike, training, or riding through the winter months you need to be able to see and be seen, keep warm and dry, and have the right bike for the conditions.

Cycle Art has a range of winter ready clothes from Castelli and Mavic and a large range of lights from Lezyne to ensure you are safe and comfortable when the nights draw in and weather deteriorates.

If you’re looking for the ideal winter training bike we can build up a Sabbath September or Silk Route based on your exact requirements. If you’d prefer something that can go anywhere and do anything then we have a great range of cross bikes from Ridley including the 2014 Xbow and a few 2013 models in limited sizes. If you are needing luggage, we can take you across the road to Bicycle Repair Man!