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A little about our coffee

cycle-artAt Cycle Art, we stock some of the most exciting bikes, clothing and accessories available. With all this kit around, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the humble cup of coffee we serve.

Our coffee regularly receives high praise from customers, and a lot of that is down to the bean we use (there is a certain art to a good coffee too). Our coffee bean of choice is Caffe Praego.

Caffe Praego is ethically sourced directly from the plantations, ensuring strong links with framers, co-operatives and communities. Caffe Praego trade ethically to ensure that the company pays a fair price for the coffee, and it also works closely with the coffee growing communities helping to fund and manage life enhancing projects, such as rebuilding housing, schools, water systems and supporting local orphanages.

Caffe Praego do not use aluminium packaging, ensuring their bags are more environmentally friendly and easy to recycle, and are designed to maximise the freshness of the roasted beans using a special patented seal.

The Caffe Praego taste
Caffe Praego is a blend of two types of bean – high grade A Arabica and earthy Robusta beans. These are sourced from the Misozi Co-operative in Rwanda with coffee beans delivered within 6 weeks from field to bag. The Misozi Co-operative is an umbrella organisation supporting many thousands of families who grow the finest grade coffee beans. They are spread across the lush mountains b on the very rooftop of Central East Africa. Each location has unique character and beauty, and from each co-operative comes distinctive coffee of the highest quality.

Caffe Praego bagDon’t forget we run a loyaly scheme where your 9th cup of coffee is free, and also sell individual bags of ground Caffe Praego coffee for your machine at home.

We hope you enjoy your coffee at Cycle Art.