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Cervelo R5 – our quickest selling bike ever!

Cervelo R5When it comes to lightweight, super stiff race bikes, Cervelo are up there with the best. Cervelo bikes have become such a permanent installation in the pro peleton that it’s sometimes easy to forget that the company has only been around since 1995. Founders Gerard Vroomen and Phil White have taken Cervelo from a small, privately owned bicycle company into one of the most famous and revered bike brands in the world and is regarded by many as being the Apple Computer of the bike world.

The Canadian company may not have the heritage and tradition of some of the bike brands in the peleton, but what they lack in history they more than make up for with their extensive use of groundbreaking and innovative technologies, all of which come with fancy marketing names and acronyms.

On the top of Cervelo road bike pile is their much vaunted Project California or RcA, a no expenses spared experiment into bicycle frame design, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The current RcA is a limited edition, hand made 667g frame, built in California and finished in Canada. If you need to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it.

Cervelo are another company who adopt the trickle down effect, in fact they openly admit that the RcA exists to learn lessons from for their mass production bikes. The R5 is just that – a more affordable production version of the RCA. At B#5199 for a Dura Ace equipped R5, or B#5299 for a SRAM Red version, the R5 is far from cheap. However, the fact is most of the Garmin Sharp team used the R5 during the 2013 race season, so if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

After the success of the R3 Dark (essentially last year’s R5 painted as an R3), side by side in the shop you can see how the new R5 demonstrates a move on from the previous model. With more aerodynamic Squoval 3 tubing, internal cable routing, and clearance for 25mm tyres, the R5 uses Cervelo’s methodology of evolution rather than revolution.

The R5 we had in the shop (it lasted about half an hour on the shop floor before a customer put a set of Mavic Cosmic C40 wheels on and bought it) attracted the most attention we have ever seen.

The full gallery of the R5 can be seen at

Cervelo launch new R5, R3 and introduce R3 Dark Edition…

New Cervelo R5

Fridays are already great. But when Cervelo announces a new bike, the day can only get better.

Using lessons learned whilst developing the already legendary Project Californa (Cervelo’s 700g super frame), the Canadian company has announced a new R5 for 2014. Using aero-tuned Squoval 3 tubing (Cervelo’s proprietary square/oval tubing), a brand new fork design, internal cable routing, guides for mechanical or electronic wiring and hydraulic hoses, and a 27.2mm seatpost, the new R5 represents is a major step forward. Frame weight is a claimed 808g with the fork tipping the scales at 315g. To keep costs down, some technology is obviously missing from the uber expensive RCA, such as the 3Mbs nano-tech Powerlux resin and the Nanovate coating used on the RCAbs fork steerer – primarily as this technology is either too expensive, or can only be applied in Canada (the R5 is made in the Far East).

Cervelo claim the new R5 has a 9.5% stiffer bottom bracket, offers a 15% increase in torsional head tube stiffness, and due to the Squoval 3 tubes it represents a 7.4 watt aero advantage. Whilst we at Cycle Art don’t doubt these figures, all we really care about is how it looks and rides. At first glance, it’s a stunner and rest assured as soon as they become available we will be ordering them in to test ride.

The new R5 should be available in October.

New R3

Also available in October will be a revamped R3. It too inherits the Squoval 3 tubes, but with a different fork to the R5. Frame weight is a claimed 980g, and the geometry will be the same as the R5. It will be available as a frameset or built with Ultegra or Ultegra Di2 – but Cycle Art will be able to build whatever you want.

Cervelo R3 DarkR3 Dark Edition

If you can’t wait that long (or fancy a bargain), available immediately is the rather pretty Cervelo R3 Dark Edition. Available with SRAM Force 22 (or anything else you fancy if we do a custom build for you), the R3 Dark Edition is essentially a 2013 R5 frame in a custom colour way with an R3 sticker on. Bare in the mind the R5 frameset alone cost B#3500 last year, you can now pick up at Force 22 equipped R3 for B#2999.

A word of warning – the R3 Dark is a limited edition bicycle and Cervelo have already sold out of the B#2000 105 version, so if you fancy a Canadian wolf in sheep’s clothing we would suggest you get your order in quickly. With the new R5 and R3 hitting the shores in October, the R3 Dark will only be around for a short time.