Selle Italia ID Match

selle italia id matchAre you sitting comfortably? A question we are constantly asked here at Cycle Art is “which saddle is best” This is one of the hardest questions to answer in cycling as the saddle is the most intimate and personal part of your bike. It all starts with a good bike fit which we can offer across the road in Bicycle Repair Man. Once you are happy your set up is good then you can start trying different saddles. Selle Italia developed the ID Match system to help you choose the right size and shape saddle for you. The measuring process takes about 15 minutes and using the ID Match software we can then help you select the best saddle for you. Having tested it myself it is a system I would recommend. For many years I never got on with Selle Italia saddles having tried the Flite models, it turns out I was on the wrong shape saddle all along. I tried the SLR as recommended by the ID Match system and found it to be a very nice place to sit. I could even be tempted to switch from my favorite Arione from Fizik. We have an extensive range of test saddles to try for a B#10 deposit for a week from Selle Italia, Fizik and ISM so come along for a test ride. If you choose to buy a saddle we will knock the B#10 deposit of whichever you buy.