Knight Composites and Mavic demo wheels

knight 35 pair (Custom)So just how good are the latest generation of carbon wheels? Rather than take our word for it or rely on reviews you can find out for yourself. We have a set of the excellent Knight Composites 35 and a set of the new Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL wheels available to demo. For a fee of £50 we will fit these wheels to your bike, fit the appropriate brake pads and set your gears up then you can go and ride them all day. If you decide to buy some we will knock the fee of whatever you buy. The Knights retail at £1650 and the Mavics retail at £1350. Both sets of wheels come with excellent warranty back up, both sets are very well put together and both are wheels that we would be happy to recommend. Give us a call to book your test ride on 01661 835603.cccarbon