Gravel bikes

2016_C5_Profile_01_6eefcab63aIts official, gravel bikes are a thing and brands like Cervelo and Ridley have some of the finest gravel bikes on offer today.

So what is a gravel bike? Is it a cross bike with a smoother tyre? Is it a road bike with a bigger tyre? The answer is both and neither. Gravel bikes could be the one bike to rule them all with the longer more stable wheelbase of an endurance road bike, a lower bottom bracket than most CX bikes for a lower centre of gravity, disc brakes for stopping in all conditions plus other features they make excellent all rounders. The massive tyre clearance means you can ride on a bigger cushion of air and most come with a slim 27.2mm seat post to help take the sting out of the bumps.

Prices start from around £699 for a Giant Revolt and go up to £7500 for the super light Cervelo C5 featuring the lightest frame in its class and hydraulic Di2 running gear. Ridley also have a comprehensive range of gravel bikes in the X-Trail range starting from £1100 on aluminium frames and carbon bikes starting from £2299. We have probably the best range gravel bikes in the north east across our two shops so why not  come along and see what gravel bikes are all about.