Enigma Bikes at Cycle Art

Its been a while-sorry about that. As I am sure you are all aware the world has changed somewhat over the last year and so has Cycle Art.  We will be back at some point later on this year all being well but in the meantime all of our products are available through Giant Newcastle across the road.

So whats new? We are very happy to announce we are now Enigma stockists. Enigma are one of the few frame builders that weld titanium frames in the UK. Like most the stock frames are imported but the custom Signature range is made entirely in house. They also offer some very fine steel frames and can do some exquisite custom finishes.  Head over to their website of better still come and see us to have a look at what we can do for you. https://www.enigmabikes.com/

We will still be stocking the very popular Reilly framesets which should mean between the two brands we have better supply and a good range of sizes to suit more riders. We currently have Enigma Etape and Escape framesets in stock ready to build alongside a selection of Gradients and Spectres from Reilly.