Colnago clearance bikes and frames

We have a great selection of Colnago bikes and frames to clear at some very special one off prices in order to make way for some exciting new projects next year. If you would like to roll into 2019 on a shiny new Colnago come and see us or give us a call on 01661 835603 and we will do our best to make your dream bike come true.

Colnago CLD 46s now £1500
Colnago CRS 46s Campagnolo EPS bike now £2500
Colnago V1r Ultegra 48s now £2000
Colnago CX Zero 50s now £1500
Colnago Prestige CX frameset only 55s and 52s £999
Colnago V2-r Disc 54s £2500
Colnago C60 Electronic framesset 52s now £2500
Colnago Concept Art Decor 48s now £2500