Monthly Archives: November 2015

More than just a bike shop.

Here at Cycle Art cycling is more than just our job, it is our way of life. Cycling is not something that we do, it makes us what we are. Both Tony and Chris at Cycle art are deeply involved in the sport at grass roots level with their  local clubs. We are often asked why we don’t have a shop team and maybe we should.  Plenty of other shops do and good luck to them but we have always preferred to do things differently. We have always preferred to support the great work done by local Go Ride clubs such as Derwentside Cycling Club which Tony belongs to and Tyneside Vagabonds of which Chris is a member.

So What does that support involve? Tony organises several races throughout the season including the popular summer cross series and also some of the key events in the local CXNE league. Tony can often be found in the pits helping other riders out when he is not racing himself and he takes some of the racers on training rides after work. He also took some of the talented young riders from the club on an unforgettable trip to the home of cyclo cross-Belgium-to race at the famous Koppenberg cross. Koppenberg Tony loves nothing more than helping to inspire and drive on some of the talented young riders from the region. He even finds the time to race himself winning the recent CXNE round at Penrith.

Chris does his bit for the sport too. When not helping his clubmates get round a Sunday ride he is often to be found at tracks all around the country coaching and supporting riders from some of the local Go Ride clubs. Chris was the coach for the North East team at the 2015 Inter Regional Track Championships that were part of the prestigious Sainburys Schools Games.  He has also helped coach sessions at the new Middlesbrough Velodrome, helps out at the Regional School of Racing sessions at Glasgow and is looking forward to helping a new generation of riders develop as the track program is established at Middlesbrough. Schools games

So why do we do it? We do it because we love it. We dont get paid for it nor do we want to be. Helping others enjoy the sport that has given us so much pleasure over the years and seeing others enjoy it is more than enough incentive. Hopefully many of those people will enjoy the sport for life and go on to do the same for others. Maybe they will remember some little nugget of advice given or tip offered. Maybe they will remember the person who offered that advice. That is all the reward we need.