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Mavic Winter Clothing

The nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder so its time for the winter warmers to come out.
DSC_0007We have an extensive range of winter clothing in from Mavic to keep you warm and dry form head to toe. Perhaps the biggest development in technology over the last 20 years has been in the technical fabrics we use. Those of us that have ridden for long enough will remember wool tights to keep warm, nylon fronted jackets to keep the wind off and having to wear so many layers that we looked like michelin men when we set off for a bike ride. Thankfully today’s breathable waterproof fabrics, merino infused base layers and DWR coatings means those days are behind us.
Good winter clothing can turn a grim experience into an enjoyable ride. Warm hands mean you can still feel your gear and brake levers, warm feet mean you can still feel your pedals. A good gilet can do wonders to keep your torso warm. An often forgotten area is the base layer but this can make or break a winter outfit. A good base layer such as Mavic WarmRide range can help to wick moisture away from the skin keeping you dry and trap pockets of air close to the body which provide insulation. Layering is the key. Layers or even sleeves can be added or removed as the temperature dictates. DSC_0017
We have a range of garments for men and women so come along and try some for yourself. Winter miles mean summer smiles.