Monthly Archives: November 2014

Frog bikes

main-zoomWe have some more new arrivals here at Cycle Art, this time it is something a little different. We all remember our first proper bike and the taste of freedom and exhilaration that it gave us. Indeed for many getting a bike became a life changing experience and set us on the path that made us the cyclists that we are today. Getting that first bike right is essential for the future development of the rider and that is why we are now stocking the very fine Frog bikes.
Frog Bikes is a small British company supporing independent retailers like ourselves who saw a need for quality kids bikes designed from the ground up rather then the afterthought they often become in many manufacturers ranges. They set out to create lightweight machines using components to fit smaller riders. So no stiff budget gripshifts, no heavy over built frames, no cumbersome suspension, just good quality bikes built for smaller people. They have even made sizing easy to work out. Take the inside leg measurement in centimetres and look for the corresponding model number-easy.
We have a selection of the hybrid type bikes in stock with the Team Sky drop bar bikes on the way soon. If you want to know more come and see us for a test ride or head to the Frog website.

Lightweight arrives at Cycle Art

20141111_104731 Here at Cycle Art we have always strived to offer the very finest that the world of cycling has to offer. When it comes to carbon wheels and frames there is one company that stands head and shoulders above the rest-Lightweight. Part of the Carbonsports group in Germany Lightweight have built a reputation for no compromise highly engineered carbon wheels and frames. Such is their reputation that when the world’s pros want to use these wheels they buy them just like you or I do. If you look closely at many of the disc wheels used by the top Pro Tour riders you will see the distinctive profile of a Lightweight Autobahn wheel despite what the decals say. These wheels are astonishingly light, beautifully made and in stock now at Cycle Art.
We also have the rare Urgestalt frameset in stock. These frames have a reputation for stiffness beyond that of almost anything else on the market. Urgestalt translates roughly as prototype or one of a kind. There will be very few of these frames imported into the UK so if you are looking to build your dream bike and would like to ride the like of which you are unlikely to see anyone else on then come and take a look at the Lightweight Urgestalt frameset.