Monthly Archives: August 2014

Bont sale!

vaypor_blackWe have a small amount of Bont shoes in limited sizes that we are knocking 30% off. All the Bonts are heat mouldable to ensure the perfect fit.

We have the following shoes in the sale:

Vaypor was B#225 now B#157.50
Size 46 (blk)
Size 45 (blk)
Size 43 (wht)

A-Three was B#125 now B#87.50
Size 47
Size 45
Size 41
Size 40
Size 39
Size 38

Riot was B#100 now B#70
Size 45
Size 44
Size 42

Sub-9 was B#175 now B#122.50
Size 46
Size 44

Zero+ was B#275 now B#192.50
Size 44